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Everest Mineral Suppliers : Welcome to EMS Offering a wide range of premium grades of Calcite Powder,
Marble Powder , Limestone Powder and Marble Rubbles.
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Discover Beastly Minerals : Unleash Nature's Power The company ensures that all its products meet stringent
quality standards. Through careful sourcing, processing,
and testing,
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About Everest Mineral

Unveiling Excellence: Everest Mineral Suppliers

Everest Mineral Suppliers has established itself as a trusted name in the mineral industry, with a strong reputation for reliability, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Everest Mineral Suppliers offers a diverse range of mineral products tailored to meet various industrial, commercial, and construction needs.

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Limestone powder typically appears as a white or off-white fine powder

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Limestone powder is primarily composed of calcium carbonate (CaCO3),

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Limestone powder particles are very fine, with sizes


Rinchdi Road, Kumbhariya, Ambaji, Gujarat 385110



We provide High Quality minerals for you

  • Calcite Powder
  • Marble Powder
  • Limestone Powder
  • Marble Rubbles


We serve several industries, and we fulfil requirements of industrial minerals that are
mined from Porbandar(Gujarat), Upleta(Gujarat), and Jodhpur(Rajashtan).


Paint Industries

The paint industries used calcium carbonate to increase the quantity of paint as a filling and coating pigment due to its bright white colour

Construction Industries

Industrial minerals are the base unit of any construction work. For example, clay, calcium carbonate, sand, feldspar, kaolin, and other minerals are fundamental to all building materials..

Shoes & Rubber Industries

Industrial minerals are widely used by the rubber & shoe industry as a reinforcing filling agent to improve the tensile strength & whiteness of the rubber & shoe.

Paper Industries

Industrial minerals are commonly used in conjunction with kaolin in papermaking; it can increase the lustre, whiteness, opacity, and ink absorption of paper.

Chemical & Cosmetic Industries

Industrial minerals are also used to remove some chemicals and also help in the formation of some cosmetic chemicals.

Glass Industrie

Industrial minerals(CaCO3) in glass industries are used to the glassblowing process and stabilizer in order.

Plastic Industries

Industrial minerals (CaCO3) are used to improve processing performance, hardness, electrical performance, gloss, and surf activity of the production process.

Ink Industries

Calcium carbonate is used to control the expansion to ink and helps to increase the colour Brightness and strength of the ink.

Food Industry

Talcum Powder is used as an additive in foodstuff. It is also used in processing white rice. Talcum Powder as a buffing agent in polishing rice grains.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industry, the disclosure, improvement, and assembling of medications and drugs

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